First stop: Fort Lauderdale

To make our trip from Australia to Ecuador more bearable, we decided to have a stop in Florida where my cousin Juan Carlos and his wife Viviana live. We spent 10 days there, enjoying the beaches and having some time together.

It worked really well as it gave us a bit of time before arriving to Ecuador where we knew things would get a bit hectic with seeing family and friends, Christmas and so forth. It was a great time to unwind and accept all the changes happening in our lives.

Juan Carlos had to work most of the time so Viviana took us around and show us all her favourite places in Fort Lauderdale. We went to the beach, stand up paddling on the canals, shopping, eating and cruising around. Juan Martin, their 4 year old son, was great company too, coming with us to all our adventures.

On Juan Carlos’ day off, we took their small dingy out through the wonderful canals all along Fort Lauderdale, making a few stops in some really nice restaurants and bars. The thing I liked the most about this city was the beautiful and big old trees that you can see everywhere and the feeling that you aren’t really in a city but on a nice and relaxed beach town.

It was really fun to spend some time with them and finally see where they live. Juan Carlos is not only my cousin but a good friend and he happened to marry Viviana who was my friend way before they even met. So it’s a rare and nice thing to have a dear friend now officially part of my family. Those two weeks were full of laughter and good times!


Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

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