First week in Ayampe


Ecuador has an extensive coastline and plenty of surf spots to choose from, especially during January, which is in the middle of the best season for waves. We chose Ayampe as our first destination because we were not only looking for uncrowded waves, but we wanted a quiet place to relax and unwind.

We stayed at a hostel called Los Orishas  . We loved it there. It’s a beautiful place, with only a few rooms,  beautiful gardens and a great pizza restaurant at night. The owners are a nice couple, Gaby(Ecuadorian) and Marcos (Italian),and their friend Giuseppe (Italian),  that moved to Ayampe on the search for a more sustainable and simple life. You can find lots of recycled plastics used in different parts of the hostel, and they also have a sign in each room , that offer the guests a free cocktail if they returned with a filled bag of rubbish from the beach. (I thought this was a great idea!)

We hadn’t been back to Ayampe in over three years and we noticed how the town had grown and now offered a few more options for places to eat and stay at over night. Another thing that we noticed, was the increased amount of plastic and all sorts of rubbish on the beach. I didn’t remember the beaches so dirty. It was sad to see.  So the following day,  we grabbed one of those bags from the hostel and put in it as much rubbish as we could. The funny thing was that they gave us the wrong bag and it was actually  huge. Mick and I had to carry it  together back to the hostel.  

That same day, my good friend Ana Maria called and said she was coming from Guayaquil to visit us. We met her at a little cabin in front of the beach, where other friends of hers were staying at. We met her friends and mentioned in the conversation, that we were going to start looking for a place to rent maybe for a month to be able to stay here and enjoy it a bit more.

The next day someone came to our hostel. It was the nice couple that we had met the night before with Ana Maria. They said they were going on a trip for a month and they were happy to rent the cabin to us. We immediately said yes and that same afternoon we moved into our new “temporary home”. It’s incredible how things work out easily when they are meant to.

We couldn’t be happier with the place that David and Maria Jose kindly sublet to us. It was right on the beach inside this big property with two other houses and an outdoor kitchen that we had access to. The cabin was basic but we had everything we needed. They even let us  use their pushbikes and some basic utensils to cook with.

Inside the property, as I mentioned above,  were two houses: the main house which belonged to the owner of the property Manolo, who lived in Guayaquil and only came by on the weekends. The other house was rented by Mariscal and his two dogs Tesa and Sale. Mariscal became a very good friend and great company during our month in Ayampe as well as the dogs Tesa and Sale who really enjoyed the extra food we shared with them from time to time.




Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

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