Visiting Sandra in Lima

A bit of the history

You know you have done something good in your past life, when the universe sends you a friend like Sandra in the time you need it the most.

It was 2004, I was recently single and wanted a change. I didn’t feel like staying any longer in Ecuador; I was ready to travel. Australia seemed like the perfect place to go. No, I didn’t think about how far away from Ecuador it was, or how expensive the plane tickets were; I only thought about the good surf, wonderful wildlife and the nice weather.

I was in Lima at the time for my friend’s wedding and once I made up my mind about going to Australia, I decided to stay in Lima, because some friends had put me in contact with this agency that could help me do all my applications and paperwork from there. We didn’t have a place like this in Ecuador yet.

One night, in a dark nightclub, I ran into this girl that I had met briefly a year ago in Montanita. It was Sandra.  We started talking and realized we were both applying to go to Australia with the same agent so decided to meet up the next day and go together to see him and talk about our plans.

And that’s how our friendship started. From then on, we spent lots of time together and at the beginning of 2005 we travelled to the Gold Coast of Australia to study a Masters in International Tourism. At one point we were living in the same apartment,  studying the same thing, sharing a car and working at the same place; all of these, without any problems or discussions. We were like sisters and I can honestly say, that I don’t think I could’ve survived those first two years without her.

Time passed by and we both took different roads. I went on travelling and left Australia for over a year. She moved to France and got married. We’ve kept in touch all of these years and I will always remember that wonderful time together on the Gold Coast. And that’s why, when I knew she had gone back to Peru, I needed to go and visit her.

Back to the present

We spent a total of two weeks with Sandra in Lima and although we hadn’t seen each other in five years and hadn’t been keeping in touch that often, it was like we’d never been apart. Mick and I had a wonderful time with her and her family. We spent some time in Lima and did some sightseeing. Although we both had visited the city before it was nice to be back there. We used the new system of transport called the metrovia to get us from Sandra’s house into the city centre avoiding all the traffic. We went to Barranco and walked around Miraflores. We also visited some other good friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, like Lalo, who had just got a new baby and Claudia and my aunt Lili, who are like family to me.

Sandra is now a yoga teacher, so I joined a few of her classes and also went to the yoga school where she practices at. Sandra does Ashtanga Yoga and especially the Mysore  style as taught by Pattabhi Jois. In Australia, I had participated in a few Ashtanga Led classes but I had never done Mysore. I found it very interesting and really loved seeing how much deeper my friend Sandra’s practice had become and how positive it has been for her life.

Whenever she had some time off from her yoga schedule, we would drive to Punta Hermosa where her father has a nice apartment on the beach. We surfed a couple of times in San Bartolo, Senoritas and Caballeros until the incident with the sea urchin in my toe nail happened.

While resting at the beach, I went to get some water to fill Kailani’s little pool up, and kicked a rock that happened to have a sea urchin on it, and was so “lucky” that I got it stuck between my toe nail and my skin at a place impossible for us to get it out from.

That night we visited the Medical Centre in Punta Hermosa and after lots of screaming and tears, the nice nurse told me that I needed a doctor to look at it, because she had been unsuccessful in her attempt. The following day, once back in Lima, we went to the hospital near the house and saw the doctor. Luckily he didn’t do much damage and got the sea creature out of my toe nail. I still have the scar of that incident on my right toe nail as a reminder that sea urchins can be very tricky and annoying.

After resting the foot for a few days, we were out and about again, this time to meet up with Tim and Loren, our Australian friends that we had met in Ayampe a few months back. They were on their way to Brazil to watch the World Cup and we coincidently were in Lima at the same time. We had dinner with them at a restaurant in Barranco, where we heard all the nice stories from their trip and enjoyed some good pizzas.

The two weeks went by so quickly. I was so grateful though to have spent this time with Sandra again and to meet Kailani her amazing little boy. He was so funny and cute and was beautiful to see her now at this new stage in her life as a mother. We said good-bye again but promised to keep more in touch. I left with a good feeling inside of knowing that our friendship was still intact. It was good to see how our lives had changed for the better and that we were more mature and a bit wiser than before. I thank you Sandra for your valuable friendship and know how lucky I am to have a friend like you in my life. Until next time!

Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

2 thoughts on “Visiting Sandra in Lima”

  1. Isa querida, k linda nuestra historia! Tus palabras son mágicas, me has hecho llorar! Yo también te quiero muchisimoo! Doy gracias al universo por dejar k nos reconozcamos en este mundo my soul sister forever and Ever! I love you isabel! Meet you soon somewhere beautiful in this planet! Enjoy your journey!

  2. Dear Isabel,
    i have got the link to your stories by Christina and I feel very happy to see that you are fine and have an interesting life. To exchange more news about your and our actual situation could we keep in contact by e-mail? Greetings, Winfried König (

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