First impressions of the B.V.I.



The island of Tortola, where we are at the moment, is approximately 20 km long and 5 km wide, is the biggest island on the British Virgin Islands and its capital is called Road Town. Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, are the other main islands in the BVI, along with over fifty other smaller islands.

 The native language is English but it’s spoken with a sort of island accent and when the locals are speaking to each other we usually don’t understand a word they’re saying. We love the way they talk though and so far the locals have been very friendly and helpful.

September and October are the slowest months of the year (tourism wise) so every time we go to the beaches, they’re usually empty. We love that it’s so quiet but it must be hard on local businesses as the “hurricane season” seems to stop all tourists coming to the island.

These islands are famous for their good waves, but the season usually starts around November. We saw some fun waves on our first day driving around the island, but we didn’t have our boards with us, so we missed our only chance. It’s been flat ever since.

The weather is very hot and we’ve had a few days with rain, but they are really sporadic showers that don’t last long. The radio stations are full of reggae music and Jimmy Buffet’s greatest hits.

The only wildlife we’ve seen so far are lizards, but they are not your typical lizards, some have brush looking tails and some of them even have this thing on their necks that open and close like a fan and it has yellow and red colours. They are pretty cool. They are everywhere too and they appear when you least expect them to. I have a little friend that every time I’m doing yoga, it appears and tries to get as closer to me as possible, especially when I’m doing some challenging postures.

We’ve had a rental car for the first two weeks so we drove around the island and visited all the different beaches. The driving here it’s crazy though. I’ve let Mick do all the driving as the roads are super narrow and there are some serious hills and curves. I swear I got scared at least 2 times each day and I even put my hand up as if I was going to be able to stop the other car from coming so close to us. It’s scary!!

We’ve snorkelled at Brewers Bay, Josiah’s Bay and Smuggler’s Cove; the last one was probably the best snorkelled so far. The reef was full of thousands of little fish, different size colourful fish and once in a while we would see these three or four bigger fish just cruising around us. It’s a beautiful bay full of palm trees; I think it’s probably my favourite spot so far.

The last few days, we’ve been going swimming at Cane Garden Bay. It’s probably the closest beach from where we live and it has a beautiful area to go for a swim. The bay it’s kind of divided into two sections: one where there’s houses in front of the beach and the other where the hotels and restaurants are. We usually stay on the side where the houses are, as it’s more peaceful and has less people.



We’ve started doing our “woofing” work. Yesterday was our first day and we didn’t get to start until maybe 9 am, so we worked throughout the hottest times of the day; it was tough!!. Our first project is to build a retaining wall from rocks that we gather from around the property. It’s been great fun and it feels good to be active. We only have to work 4 hours a day, so it’s great, because today we woke up really early and started working around 6:30 am, so by 11 am we were done and could do other things with the rest of our day. I don’t mind doing physical work and I’m looking forward to learning new skills and Mick is keen to keep his mind occupied and away from all the “boat stuff”.


Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

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