Yeah man!

Our new home is three weeks away from being completely ours. At the moment, when we go and visit her, she’s a bit messy and there’s many men working on her, making her shinier, erasing her marks, working on her engine, toilet and everywhere really, but as Rabi says(one of the men working on her) “She gonna come out good man, she’ll be good man, yeah man!”(think of a deep Jamaican accent). It doesn’t matter what he’s saying or how he’s saying it, you can always hear the “yeah man” at the end. We don’t understand half the things he says to us and he probably doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, but we feel the good vibes.

We trust all these men; we know that we’ll be impressed by how pretty she’ll be looking at the end. We know she’ll be a good home for us. She has everything we need and we’re looking forward to living there. She’s a Beneateau Oceanis 373 from 2005. She’s been working hard as a fleet boat for Moorings and then Footloose charters here on the BVI. She’s finally moving on to more caring hands, permanent owners, that’ll be proud of having her. She’s called “Ondular” now, but we’ll be looking to changing her name to something that sounds more like a home to us; we’re not sure yet of her name, but it’ll come to us at the right time.

We’ve been working on the food list for our provisions over the last few weeks. Our plan is to stock up the boat for 6 months so that we have done the hard work now and once we go and live aboard we’ll have to only worry about the fresh produce every few weeks. So the small flat where we’re staying at looks more like a bean and rice shop than anything else at the moment.

We have three more weeks of woofing and then we can move all our things to the boat and start travelling. We’ll probably be sailing around Tortola the first week or so to check that everything is ok with the boat. Once we’re sure of this, we’ll do a day sail to the neighbour island of Sint Marteen which is known for being a cheaper port to get some boat parts and things. There, we’ll work on the last things that we have to do to get the boat ready: Installing the solar panels, putting the water maker together, getting a newer and better fridge and a few other small jobs.

These are some of the woofing jobs we’ve done over the last few weeks.

Once we finish there, we would like to sail back to the BVI as the season for waves will have already started and we would like to cruise around here and make the most of the waves. We would also like to see the USVI and maybe the eastern tip of Puerto Rico before we start sailing down to the Windward Islands.

The closer we get to the date, the busier and hectic it’s getting for us, but we know it’s all worth it. We keep visualizing in our minds the day when we’ll be completely settle in our little boat, enjoying some nice drinks on our cockpit, watching the sunset and knowing that the following day will bring a nice breeze and a new island to explore. Yeah man!



P.S. We would love to get some suggestions for names for our boat. We are even considering running a competition and select a winner, with such a wonderful prize as a mismatch pair of recycled footwear from the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. So come on, get excited, send us your ideas!!

Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

3 thoughts on “Yeah man!”

  1. Isn’t it bad luck to change the name? How about Monkey business? Rock n Roll?
    Pride & Joy? Cool Bananas?
    Manyana Manyana? Que RICO!

  2. Dear Mick and Isabel: Finally at the end of your long planning period, and at the beginning of your journey. I would just love to join you either in Ecuadorian waters, or better, in foreign waters for couple of beers… sorry, for couple of days.
    LIFE!. I do not know if this is a nice name for a boat, but surely is what you are doing. An intoxication with Life, squeezing every drop of life, every minute.

    Congratulations, wishing you a save and joyful trip. Nicolas

    1. Gracias querido Nicky!! te estaremos esperando para acompanarnos en nuestro camino por algun lugar del mundo. Gracias por la sugerencia del nombre, nos gusto bastante, pero por ahora vamos a quedarnos con el nombre original que es “Ondular”. Un fuerte abrazo!! Isa y Mick

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