Getting back on the horse

We saw some waves on our first few days in Tortola. We had just arrived and were cruising around the island on our rental car but didn’t have our boards with us; so we just watched. We were stoked to see actual waves and it gave us lots of hope for our time here.

Almost two months passed until we finally got to surf those waves. We went for a quick swim on the Friday and were quite upset when we reached Carpoons Bay and saw that there were some waves. We didn’t have our boards again and we needed to be back at the house with the car that we had borrowed from Majel. So we couldn’t surf.

We finally managed to go down for a quick surf on the Sunday. That day on Friday, when we saw the waves, it was kind of crowded so I definitely thought it would be even more crowded on a Sunday at 10 am but it wasn’t. After almost 4 months without surfing we were back in the water again. We both felt a bit kooky and rusty but we managed to get a few waves. Carpoons it’s a short but fun ride. It’s an A-frame right that breaks on a shallow reef.

Surfing hasn’t been our priority in the last few months. First was the trip to Colombia, then being back in Guayaquil with the family and these two months in Tortola, we have been woofing and getting the boat ready. But we are sure that this wait is worth our while because we know that once on the boat, it would be all about surfing and finding waves (of course also safe anchorages) but surfing will come back to our priority list and we would enjoy it even more after all this hard work plus the season is about to begin. 




Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

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