Living in Shannon

Our experience with woofing has been great. It’s been hard work but we couldn’t have been luckier. We stayed with this wonderful lady Majel and her daughter Elke. They have this beautiful house in an area of town called Shannon, up in the mountains in Tortola.

Their house it’s an amazing place, full of beautiful details and surrounded by trees and flowers. Majel grows tropical flowers and takes care of all the other fruit trees and different plants in her property. She loves being in the garden but also works as a teacher in the international school, so she keeps herself quite busy. She has a great sense of humour and I have been amazed by the amount of energy she has. She literally never stops!

Majel’s flowers

Elke is only 21 but she could pass as a 30 year old. She’s so mature and laid back and she’s always finding something to do. She was quite an inspiration, as she was a great baker and would spend hours in the garden helping her mum. She was visiting Majel for a few months after finishing university and two weeks ago she left to go travelling to Europe. Luckily she left us a few of her recipes and today we baked some really nice cookies from her recipe book.

We spend most of our days up here in the mountain, so by the time we have to go down into Road Town it feels quite busy and overwhelming to us. The capital city can be full of people, cars and chickens. Chickens thrive here in the islands; everywhere you look you’ll see one hanging around. Majel has been kind enough to lend us her car whenever she can, so we can go grocery shopping over the weekends or for a swim to the nearby beach at the end of the day.

Road Town

Going grocery shopping in Road Town is quite an experience because depending on the day of the week you can find the best or the worst fresh produce available; this means that sometimes you have to visit three different supermarkets in the same day to get what you need, but it’s all part of the island experience.

Our time here at Shannon is coming to an end as we are only a few days away of getting our boat.   It’s been great getting to know Majel and Elke and we feel like we’ve made good lasting friends. We’ve been through a few things together: an almost hurricane hitting the islands, building a fence, a gate and a new deck, trips to Road Town, baking bread and many other memories that we’ll take with us. Thank you Majel and Elke for sharing your beautiful piece of paradise with us, we’re sure we’ll see you soon.

Our finished projects in Shannon

Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

One thought on “Living in Shannon”

  1. Majel and Elke sound very welcoming, you’re so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience. Looks like a beautiful place to be living and what a lovely garden! Island life sounds very peaceful, apart from the hurricane! Good job on the fence guys 🙂

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