After a few exhausting days, moving to the boat and getting it all set up, we finally have some time to post some photos.

We decided to leave the name as it is, Ondular,  which means ‘wavy’ in Spanish. What are the odds that from all the names in the world we get a boat with a Spanish name..but we are still open to changing the name later in time if we think of something better.

So here it is..it still doesn’t have too many personal touches but we have what we need to be comfortable. We’re very happy with the amount of space and storage we have and all the extra details and little things will come with time.

Tomorrow we’ll finish up getting everything ready and we’re thinking of leaving the marina by Wednesday or Thursday.

We’ll go to Norman Island first which is a very short and easy sail from here and we would like to hop islands slowly until we get to Virgin Gorda. This trip will serve us to get familiar with the boat and see if everything is working well.

Once we get there, which can take us a couple of weeks or a few days, depending how much time we want to spend in each island, we’ll cross over to Sint Marteen which is a 100 nautical miles from Virgin Gorda, where we’ll continue setting up the boat and doing a few extra things to it.

Next time we post we’ll have done a few nautical miles on our boat and we’ll have worked on the sea legs. Wish us luck!


Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

10 thoughts on “Ondular”

  1. Que bueno saber que estan muy bien y con el espiritu 100% positivo para emprender la travesia soñada. Desde aca les deseo mucha suerte y coraje al iniciar esta etapa. Abrazos.

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