Problems in Paradise

Friday 14 November

These last few days have been a bit tough. I think we definitely felt like children getting a present and later having to return it because it wasn’t theirs.

First, was the Friday when we had finally received our boat and we were ready to move onto it, but  it rained and rained and it didn’t stop for two days; so we had to go back to Majel’s house with all our boxes and bags and accept that we had to postponed our move until a drier day.

Once we finally moved to the boat, got it all cleaned up and organized and were feeling settled and at home, we started finding some little problems here and there. First was the inverter that keeps the fridge going and a few days later, the engine. We were like deflated balloons when we heard the news that they needed 3 to 4 days to work on the engine ..3 to 4 days of hanging in the marina, with nothing to do and not even a home to sleep in because of course the boat, our home, was going to be worked on.

But it wasn’t all lost. Moorings, the company who we are buying the boat from, had a back-up plan. They lend us a 46 feet catamaran to stay at while our boat gets fixed. It’s all modern, with air-con and all, so it feels like we are staying in a fancy apartment. Mick and I don’t really like air-con that much but it does help to come back here after a hot day under the sun and cool off.

The last few days we’ve been hunting down tool shops on the other side of the island, going on dinghy rides to the nearby marinas for a bit of excitement and writing down innumerable job lists that start and end on the same day.

So it’s all good…if everything works well, which I’m sure it will, we’ll be leaving the marina sometime next week ( I don’t want to name days anymore!) with a completely functioning boat; better to find these problems here in the marina that in the middle of the ocean..hence it’s all for the better.

Tuesday 18 November

I wrote this post a few days ago and didn’t have time to upload it on the blog. It’s now Tuesday afternoon and the boat isn’t ready yet. The problem with the engine continued after we tested it again, so now we have another mechanic having a look at it and see what comes out of it. His nickname is “yellowman” and apparently if he can’t fix it, no one can!

We are trying to find things to do, but it’s getting harder and harder. The longer we stay in this marina the more money we are spending and the more frustrated we get. But that’s life. Things don’t always go the way you want them to go, but Mick and I are always of the belief that things happen for a reason and although we feel terrible at the moment, in a few weeks time we might have an “Aha” moment and understand what these delays happened…or not.

It’s definitely funny being stuck at this marina. Out of boredom we have become watchers of all the charter boat customers: arriving pale as ghosts, coming back after a few days, red as lobsters;  with incredible fashion statements and a compulsion for buying water bottles, cans of drinks and alcohol. We see them go, we see them come back..and we are still here!

The saga continues with our engine. They are still working at it today (Wednesday morning), we’ll see if it’s all fixed by the end of the day. I’ll try and post this today if I have time to go to the nearest wifi hotspot and hopefully the next time I write will be from one of those islands that we have been dreaming about for the last few months, drinking a virgin Pina Colada and laughing at our long lost days at the Moorings Marina.

Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

7 thoughts on “Problems in Paradise”

  1. Actually, I’m sorry to read about some problems you’ve had with your boat at Paradise but I like the optimism you have.
    I hope everything works well from now on and you start the adventure next week. Best wishes.

  2. Amiga así pasa, incluso en una casa nueva o cuando uno se muda de casa! Tu sabes, que también has tenido tu buen número de mudanzas! Les mando un fuerte abrazo y que pronto puedan zarpar

  3. Hi Mick and Izzy .Its better to have your engine problem their and get it fixed by Sunsail . Then a month or 6 later ,down the track old mate .Paul.

  4. Mate you are bring up old good memories ,of those beautiful places .. But this just the start of your great sailing adventure you two ,enjoy every part it, i sure you will. Keep the photos coming .
    Hey Mick what was the problem with the engine . Did you get the guys Name in St Martin on email .Paul

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