Life on our boat

Cramped sleeping.  Mick says he doesn’t need to do yoga, all his yoga moves are done by getting in and out of bed.


To save water we are using a spray bottle (tip given to us by Mark from Sea Life) to wash our hands and sprinkle water, very painful on the wrists but useful tip.


My left hand is full of calluses, not from the spray bottles but from pumping the toilet.


We have a salt water pump on the kitchen sink that we use to wash our dishes. Tea has a new salty taste to it that we quickly have gotten used to.


At 7:30 am everyday we’ve been listening to “The cruiser’s net” very entertaining vhf radio net that goes for half an hour with announcements, things for sale and general enquiries. We’ve become more proficient in using the vhf radio to contact other boats and friends.

The laundry services in St Maarten are expensive so we’ve resort to extreme use of same clothes over and over again. It’s gotten a bit smelly to say the least.


We’ve met lost of new friends from different boats, countries and age groups. Del and Gary, Australian, sailing on their  catamaran that they bought in Greece, crossed the Atlantic and are on their way to Australia by the end of the year. They are both in their early 70’s, amazing example of great spirits and a thirst for life. Gary shared with Mick some of his fishing tips, and Del her curry recipes with us. We had a great time with them, shared some meals, drinks, and plenty of stories.

Through them, we met Andy (German) who is also sailing a catamaran back to Australia with crew member Danny (Swiss) they were actually one of the youngest sailors we’ve met so far, both in their thirties and really fun to hang out with.

Rob and Carla were our neighbours in the lagoon and they are a nice couple from Canada who shared lots of tips and advice with us. Rob brought up the fact that when he was in his thirties, most of the cruisers were his age and now it seems to be the opposite. Most of the cruisers we meet are in their 60’s and older so that leaves us to the question: Where are all the young people?

Mark from sea life, he was our neighbour in the lagoon as well, fantastic guy, always willing to help everyone around here, also Australian; he’s the one that gave us the tip about using the spray bottles. Mark has sailed around the world and is now doing some repairs on his boat to continue his journey.

We definitely had a great time with all our new friends and it made the time in the lagoon more manageable. We had them all over on our boat one night +another couple (Monty and Jen); that made 11 people aboard Ondular and we actually all fit, a bit tight but we fit!

We have now a rough idea of places and times where we would like to be in the next few months. Here it is:


Week 1: St Maarten- Eustatia

Week 2: St Kitts- St Nevis- Monserrat

Week 3: Antigua

Week 4 :Antigua and Guadalupe


Week 1: Guadalupe

Week 2: Guadalupe-Dominica

Week 3: Dominica-Martinique

Week 4: Martinique- St Lucia


Week 1: St Lucia- St Vincent and the Grenadines

Week 2: The Grenadines- Grenada

Week 3: the ABCs Bonaire

Week 4: Bonaire


Week1: Bonaire- Cartagena

Week 2: Cartagena-San Blas (Panama)

Week 3: San Blas

Week 4: Bocas del Toro

This is a rough plan. It will probably change, depending on how much we like some places and depending on the weather too. We may not go to some places or we may decide to skip some. We do know that we would like to be in Bonnaire by May, as Bonnaire is out of the hurricane belt and we’ll be more protected then. We would then like to spend a good amount of time in Panama as it’s a good time for waves and we have no rush then. The next thing on our plan is to be in Ecuador by October or so.

Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

3 thoughts on “Life on our boat”

  1. Hi Mick and Izzy . Great to see you two are getting into the grove of cruising life eg water saving ,whats happened to Micks water maker …Ha The remark about where are the young people cruising .
    I noticed that when i sailed up to the Whitsundays 2013 mostly couples in there 60s. When i sailed there in the 80s a lot more younger people sailing ,but that did every from 30s to 40s and older . So as you say where are the younger crew . Anyway life back here is going great ,i just got back from Mararet River WA . Their for a week catching up with a old buddy of mine good fun cruising around the vineyards great food a drinks . Got a very nice new lady ,i have been seeing her for about 6 weeks now its going great .. Talk soon safe sailing Paul.

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