Video about Panama

We’ve been waiting for a moment of peace and quiet to catch up with the writing on the blog, and creating videos with all the footage we’ve recorded, but it hasn’t happened yet. Our time here in Ecuador has been super busy, with not much relaxing time. (not complaining just stating)

So yesterday, between Christmas celebrations we created this video about our last months in Panama. We had a wonderful time there, made some amazing new friends, surfed some great waves and saw some beautiful scenery.

Panamanians are really friendly and happy people and the country is full of natural beauty and so much to see.

We spent almost three weeks in Santa Catalina and we loved it there. We surfed every day and hung up with Shane and Amy our Irish friends. We also made some new local friends, Michelle and Mike that own a hotel there and managed to do a talk in the local school thanks to Michelle.

After those three weeks we continued our trip and had a couple of days stop in the islands of Coiba National Park, which were stunning. We were usually the only boat around and it had such clear waters and lots of life in it.

We then did our last stop in Panama in the area of Morro Negrito, where we met with our Irish friends again and did our clear out of the country from there.

It took us 8 days to sail from there to Salinas in Ecuador. Apparently we chose the worst time to do it and we were hit by adverse currents and strong head winds almost the whole way, but we made it and most importantly we worked well as a team.

So here I share a video of our time in the pacific side of Panama. Hope you enjoy it!



Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

One thought on “Video about Panama”

  1. What a great video of your recent adventures. Thanks guys for putting it together. It was emotional to watch as we miss you so much! Merry Christmas! Love the Leonardis xx

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