For our family and friends (some info before the Pacific crossing)

Yes, we are embarking on a long passage, the longest we have ever done but this blog post is to assure you that we will be fine.

In the last year and a half we have come to know our boat and have it equipped to be as comfortable and safe as possible. On board we have life jackets, a life raft, an epirb which is an emergency response positioning beacon, flares, satellite phone that has an emergency button and the most important thing of all, we have a capable captain and amazing crew.

We are not the first ones or the last ones to attempt this journey. We are doing it in the best time of the year for it, when the conditions are the best. There’s going to be three of us on board, having our good friend Steve here to give us a helping hand with the watches, so we’ll all be more rested and alert for the journey.

We have 250 litters for emergency water and we have a water maker providing us with water all along the way. We have food for over a year, we have a well stocked first aid kit and we have lots of books to be read and keep us entertained.

We are planning to leave this Saturday 23 and it could take us between 3 to 4 weeks. Some boats that have left a few weeks before us have informed that on average they have done it in 21 days and that the conditions have been pleasant.

We have joined a project called Global Microplastics from ASC (Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation) where we’ll be collecting ocean water samples along the way to then be sent for analysis for microplastics and to help gather data of the health of our oceans. This should add a bit more excitement to our journey and we’ll be contributing in a small way to this growing issue.

You can follow our progress and see how we are advancing by clicking on the “where are we now” section of the blog and click on the link and it will show you our exact position on the map. Don’t get scared if the tracker shows that we have turned around and gone back as it sometimes gets a bit crazy and can do that.

We feel excited and ready to have a great passage. We’re looking forward to the sunrises, sunsets, full moon, stars, visiting dolphins and to have this experience under our belts. So please, know we’ll be very careful and that we’ll be safe and we’ll get in touch again once we’ve reached the other side of the Pacific in a few weeks time. Much love, Isabel, Mick and Steve.


Author: Isabel Romero

founder of Mingas por el Mar

3 thoughts on “For our family and friends (some info before the Pacific crossing)”

  1. Dear Isabel, Mick and Steve, I´m totally confident your trip across the Pacific will be wonderful, exiting, giving, rewarding, beautiful, challenging, full of light and life, and good winds… my heart will be sailing along with Ondular…

  2. Mick and Isobel I wish you a safe and wonderful journey. I am thinking ahead to the time when Dubi crosses the Pacific and I am sure he will be following your journey closely to learn from it. Be well. It was a great pleasure meeting you and I do hope we meet again sometime in the not too distant future. Adele Warshawsky (Dubi’s mom).

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