Spanish (Diario Expreso, Guayaquil) July 2017

Spanish (Revista Vistazo, Ecuador) April 2016

Spanish (Diario El Universo, Ecuador) February 2016

June 2015. (Spanish)Our story was also shared on our friend’s website called ecsurfer which is a great place to read all about surf in Ecuador and check live cams of the best waves in the country. 

June 2015. (Spanish)This is an article published in one of the most popular newspapers in Ecuador called El Universo, about our journey on our boat and our projects I.M. Recycled and Mingas por el Mar.

June2015.(English) This in an interview I did for the blog of one of my dearest friends in Australia, Lisa, who is a health coach and has recently started her on blog called shine bright with wellness and is all about inspiring others to live fuller, healthier lives.

An interview with freeinthesea2014 on following your dreams, overcoming challenges and making a difference

June 2015.This is the English version of the same article as above.

May 2015.This is an article in Spanish I wrote about our life on our boat for an  Ecuadorian online magazine called Gkillcity.

July 2014. I wrote this article for an online surf female magazine called The Slideshow Mag. It’s about how surfing has changed my life and all it means to me.

July 2014

We were lucky enough to meet this wonderful couple during our time in Ecuador. Fenja and Roberto are wonderful humans and friends that have been living a life full of trust and magic for a few years now. They travel on a van around South America, they surf, they love, they inspire. They shared our story on their blog.








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