Our projects


I.M. Recycled was born out of our frustration with finding so much plastic debris on the coast of Ecuador and wanting to create awareness in the community about plastic pollution in our ocean.  This frustration and desire to create change, lead us to collect bottle caps from all the beaches we visit and create doormats and other things that we then either use as examples of repurposing on our talks, sell or give away to other people that we find along the way. So far, we have picked up and repurposed around 10,000 plastic bottle caps from the beaches we’ve visited.  If you’re interested in finding out more please watch our video


Mingas por el Mar started as an idea of organizing a month long beach clean up spree on the coast of Ecuador to draw attention on plastic pollution . It has evolved into a non for profit organization and a stable group of volunteers who organizes regular beach clean ups and educational talks year round and is an ever growing group of individuals that are passionate about the fight against plastic pollution and protecting our oceans.



ayni 2 (1)

Ayni 11×11:

June-July 2017. With this project, we taught the community in Ecuador to  make our doormats and together with the help of schools, universities and people in general,  we built the biggest mat out of plastic lids. We also organised a one day event in Guayaquil with the help of the volunteers of Mingas por el Mar,  where we invited all other organisations working in the country to protect the environment and showcase this big mat. It was a day of workshops, talks, yoga, music and art where people could learn about the efforts of these organisations and what we can all do to make a difference. We would like this event to be an annual thing to happen in Guayaquil and in other cities in the country.


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