I.M. Recycled

We named this project I.M. Recycled. I for Isabel and M for Mick.

We reuse materials that we find on the beaches we visit, like plastic bottle lids, to produce doormats, coasters and useful objects to sell or use as props for educational talks and as a mean to share with others the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.

In the last 4 years, we have picked up more than 10,000 bottle lids and made about 80 doormats that we have sold or given as presents to friends and family. 

One doormat at a time we want to share this message: We need to become the change we want to see. We are all responsible for our mother earth. We need to start thinking of our choices and how much rubbish we produce.

Thanks to this initiative we developed  a project called Ayni 11×11 in 2017, where we taught hundreds of people how to make the doormats and in this way motivate people to become creators instead of only consumers and make them think of their plastic consumption.



12 thoughts on “I.M. Recycled”

  1. Very inspiring! What a positive way to spread such an important message. I think you’ll have many people listening. You are both doing so much for the environment. Reminds me if that quote with the pebble in a pond and the ripple effect. Very proud of you!x

  2. Isa, me encanta lo que están haciendo tú y Mick. Lo del pelícano me destrozó y entiendo la sensación de urgencia que te moviliza, la conexión y el deseo de una vida más simple. ¡Me encantaron los doormats! Con mi hermana y cuñado (él me enseñó lo de las 3 R y es un reciclador muy creativo) tenemos algunas ideas y proyectos en mente, quisiera conversar contigo la próxima vez que estés por Guayaquil. Abrazos y mucha suerte con tu maravilloso viaje y proyecto.

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