Ayni 11×11

(short video about our project in Ecuador in July 2017)


Our Promise

(educational video about plastic pollution in the ocean)

Ecuadorian times, beach clean ups and more

Panama Sailing, Las Perlas and Santa Catalina

Sailing through Panama, Caribbean side

I.M. Recycled video

Here’s a short video on why we decided to start making our doormats with plastic bottle caps found on the beaches along our travels and how we make them.

Passages from Bonaire to Panama

It took us almost 25 days to get from one place to the next. We had to stop along the way to wait for better weather windows and rest. Here is a video of our time aboard Ondular. Enjoy!

Adventures on Ondular

June has been a great month. We had our first longer passage, from Grenada to Bonaire, and we went really well, working together as a  team. Once in Bonaire, we welcomed our first ever guests, Viviana and Juan Martin. We ran into our friend Dubi  in Bonaire (we met Dubi in Dominica and we saw him in Martinique as well) and met her lovely 83 year old mum, who not only came to visit him from New York for a week, but who also stayed with him on his boat. We sailed to Aruba where we are at the moment, waiting for our weather window to continue on. With some time on our hands, I put together a video of our time with Viviana and Juan Martin and the fun we all had together. Here it is!

First months on the BVI

Dolphin Show

Just wanted to share two short videos that we put together a few days ago. The first one was filmed on our sail from Bequia to Tobago Cays on 16 May, one day before my birthday. Ever since we started sailing aboard Ondular, I’ve been wanting to see dolphins or any kind of marine life. So far we’ve seen a whale’s tail for one second off the coast of Guadeloupe and a couple of dolphins here and there, but nothing for too long for me to be able to take photos or enjoy it for a long time. But this time it was different. I was downstairs and Mick called me up: Dolphins! I ran up to the cockpit and there they were, so many of them, just happy to see us, jumping and swimming next to us. I went up to the bow and they were there, racing our boat; I was amazed to see how they were doing it, being so close to us, but managing not to hit the boat.. I even had time, to rush back downstairs and grab my camera and the go pro and I could finally enjoy the whole thing so much and even document it..priceless!! I was screaming, laughing, sending them kisses.. I think Mick was as amazed as I was, but he wasn’t that amazed by the dolphins as he was by my behaviour towards them hahaha… So here it is, I little glimpse of our experience, with one of my favourite songs by Nahko and the Medicine People called Manifesto. Hope you enjoy!



Snorkelling Tobago Cays and Grenada

This is a short compilation of our weekend in Tobago Cays in the Grenadines and snorkelling the underwater sculptures in Grenada. These sculptures are located at Molinere Bay in Grenada and they are quite interesting to see because of all the growth and marine life that lives around them.


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